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Client Testimonials

Here’s What Some Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Some of these reviews were submitted on other websites. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by these websites.

Kevin was very thorough and explained the problem and the solution well. He also was very patient and did excellent work.


On a scale of 1-10, measured against my experience with your competitors- You are a 9+


Thanks to the clarity that Jason DuMond provided. He is very knowledgeable and excellent work!


We were EXTREMELY pleased with the quality of work done by Mr. Dumond.


We came to learn more about gas logs we came back and purchased your product because you were hands down the most knowledgeable.

Mr. & Mrs. B

Much better than previous plumbing experiences-wish we'd called you sooner. Thank you for the honesty and service.


Service Tech took time to explain issues to make sure I understood fully. Very pleased and a very good job.


Employee was very efficient, explained all work and cleaned up when work completed.


Thanks for the same day appointment and doing what you said you would do.


Very nice young man, quite polite and explained everything.


Handled job with professional attitude.


Kevin is quite knowledgable and a good worker. He has a good attitude and a nice personality


Sheila does a nice job on the telephone!


Sam was very professional and answered all my questions.


Sam was excellent. Found the problem and went above the call. Would use again with no problem.


Rapid response to flooding emergency was greatly appreciated.


As always your employees are always prompt, on time, efficient and great!


Nice phone representative, nice and capable


When we built our log home, we had our builder put what you might call a rough in for a fireplace in our basement. We did not finish the basement when we built the home, but wanted to at a later date, so had the builder install the pipe in the chimney. When we began our basement renovation and went to purchase a fireplace, we discovered our builder had used a pipe that was no longer being manufactured! We searched everywhere to find a fireplace we could use with this pipe and needed to find additional pipe to connect the fireplace. I contacted Liz at Day or Night and she went to work trying to find us exactly what we needed. Liz went above and beyond and was able to locate a fireplace and the pipe. We had almost decided we would not be able to have a fireplace, or anything else since we could not locate what we needed. We could not be happier with the service we received! We love our new basement, especially the fireplace.


This last weekend with the cooler weather, we had it going and to our surprise warmed the first floor very well and with the use of our ceiling fans moved the warm air even upstairs. So we are getting the hang of the unit and how to control it utilizing the low and high settings. The real test will be when it drops below freezing and stays there for a while. Janet & I are very satisfied with the unit and the service we were provided. It is now a learning curve as to how much gas we will use versus how often we fire it up. We are thinking we may use the fireplace more than what we first thought. This season will tell. Since the final inspection I was able to cosmetically cover the piping in the garage so it blends in with the rest of the our finished off garage interior. So please pass on one more time to the crew a job well done.

Dave & Janet Smeltzer

I cannot begin to say how pleased I am with Day or Night. They did work on my primary and rental homes. My rental property needed several plumbing repairs after a tenant change and Day or Night was quick to get in and make the necessary repairs. Jerry did an excellent job getting everything replaced and working correctly. In my primary home I had a fireplace designed and installed. Liz, the designer was INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about design, different fireplace models and more importantly about safety working with gas. The other businesses I considered didn’t seem to care about permits and inspections and seem to expect me to be ok with that. I have children and need to make sure they will be safe. The installation went well without difficulties and we are all loving the new fireplace. These people are experts and know what they are doing.

They were efficient, showed me how to work it, and did an excellent job on the mantel as well. I would definitely hire them again and I would highly recommend them.
Description of Work:
They put in a mantel in my existing fireplace and also installed a vent-less fireplace in my basement.

The work went very well, it was smooth. responsiveness and the workers were very professional, thoughtful and personable. The price was fair.
Description of Work:
Installation of a gas fireplace

It went very well. No surprises. Personable plumber.
Description of Work:
Routine cycle maintenance of gas logs fireplace insert.

Better than expected. They kept up informed at all times. All aspects of the job were explained to us and they answered all of our questions in great detail. They thought they were going to have to put holes in walls in the upper floors but were able to install the unit without doing that. They were neat, clean, efficient, punctual and did a wonderful job!
Description of Work:
Fireplace replacements

The tech, as always, was on time, effective, friendly, and professional. He happy to answer questions about the work and the condition of the pellet stove. He made adjustments to the mechanical components as needed to keep the stove running smoothly and the stove and flue connection clean and ready to go.
Description of Work:
Service on our pellet stove, which we purchased from Day or Night several years ago. The stove continues to perform well, but does need annual cleaning and checks. In our experience, the best way to go is to have this done by a qualified technician with the right equipment. Office staff was pleasant and easy to deal with for technician scheduling and ordering pellets

It went very well and I am very pleased with how it turned out. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and practiced safe distancing during the Covid time we were in. You wouldn't even know it was an electric fireplace. I would highly recommend them and I would definitely hire them again.
Description of Work:
They converted my gas fireplace into an electric fireplace.

Very good, they were on time, very professional, they laid down fabric on the floors so it wouldn't dirty our carpets and I'm impressed with their service.
Description of Work:
They installed gas logs.

Day or Night annual clean and service on Harman pellet stove in my basement. The stove was purchased from this company 6 years ago. All work done has been excellent. Annual cleanings and service visits are thorough and detailed. The technician is happy to explain the work and answer any questions. Scheduling with them is easy and they arrive on time. For those considering a wood or pellet stove pruchase, they have a large well stocked showroom with many of the stoves operating. Appears to be a well-run customer oriented business that we would definitely recommend to others.

All of the technicians have been the most polite and professional service people who have EVER entered our house!
Description of Work:
We purchased a gas fireplace insert from Day or Night and have had a minor BUT recurring problem with the unit going out since it was new. This was a very intermittent problem but they never gave up on contacting the manufacturer, and performed all of the recommendations that they were given. Finally, they replaced our unit with a brand new one and have followed up to make sure this one is working. They have always been professional and making us know that they would make sure this good no matter what it took.

They were great. They did a good job. We had trouble finding them at first because everybody we contacted just wanted to clean out the chimney and that wasn't what we wanted. The guy they sent was good. He knew what he was doing. It was a good experience. He was the best.
Description of Work:
They did both of our gas fireplaces.

They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They even made it out in a massive snow storm and made it down our driveway. The insert was a difficult fit but they did it. They were very attentive whenever we called them for a follow up or whatever. The work was excellent. Their price was competitive.
Description of Work:
We bought a wood pellet stove insert.

It was very good. We bought a lifetime maintenance on it. They are on time. They do a terrific job and I've had no problems with them. I wouldn't recommend anybody else.
Description of Work:
We bought a gas fireplace, insert, surround and glass that goes in the front. They come once a year to service it.

I would definitely use them. They are very knowledgeable, professional and reliable. They show up in a timely fashion. My home was clean when they were done. They put on shoe covers when they came in my home. I highly recommend them.
Description of Work:
They cleaned our pellet stove. Three or four years ago they installed the pellet stove and our fireplace.

They thought about my particular size fireplace and suggested a nice solution which worked. The guys who did the estimating and installation were professional and cleaned up afterwards. Everything happened within the time frame they promised. They were almost $1,000 cheaper than another guy. The stove seems to be working, but we shall see after the weather turns cold.

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