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For many, the fireplace is the heart of your home. It is usually located within your favorite room and is the place where friends and family gather. You strive to create a cozy retreat in which to make where memories. When it is time to for a fireplace replacement or repairs you want to be confident that your renovation investment is in qualified hands. Therefore, it is vital you dive into a little research, conduct interviews, and educate yourself about the process. Unfortunately, as in any industry, unscrupulous contractors exist. Beware of fireplace replacement rip-offs and be leery of the following three signs.


We all want to save money, right? Nothing could be more accurate when working within a specific budget. We are naturally attracted to low advertised prices and sales. This scenario is far too common: claims of free installation, clearance sales, or package deals. More often than not, companies use these tactics to lure potential customers to call. Then they offer a quote over the phone, the first suspicious sign. There is no way a contractor can quote a job without first performing a physical evaluation. The biggest complaint we hear from clients is that a company offers a quote, comes out and rips out the fireplace, discovers a significant issue, and the price suddenly doubles or triples, and you are stuck. We always caution folks about deals that seem too good to be true, because they usually are. Reputable fireplace replacement contractors understand value-based work, and will NEVER shortchange a client to save a dollar. Our process is professional and honest from the moment we arrive for the initial quote until the last bit of dust is swept away.


While this unscrupulous practice has been going on since the dawn of human trade, the phrase was termed in the 1920’s. It all starts with a deceptive ad denoting a product at a rock-bottom price, aimed at luring a customer in. Then, once the customer is interested, the salesman informs them that either that the advertised bargain item is out of stock, or it is totally inferior to another higher-priced item that is available. Or, they start you at a base model and upsell you with a host of extras that rack up the price. Lastly, you may hire the contractor, and once they start construction, they discover that the base model you purchased will not work, and therefore to finish the job you must upgrade. In many cases, these types of unprofessional contractors will never guarantee their work. So, should something go wrong in six months you are out of luck.


Once the contractor gives you a quote, you expect that to be the price for the completed the job, correct? However, so many times when a customer is handed the invoice there is quite a different number on the bottom line. Suddenly there are charges for undisclosed fees such as environmental clean-up, service fees, garbage removal, overtime, etc., none of which were initially discussed. A trustworthy contractor would never but his reputation on the line. He is open and honest about all of his fees.

An educated customer is the best customer. It encourages an open line of communication throughout the whole process which makes for a happy homeowner and crew. Beware of fireplace replacement rip-offs and contact Day or Night/Home and Hearth. We offer a no-pressure in-home consultation where both your family and your home’s needs are assessed. We provide you with a custom solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Let us help you enjoy your new fireplace this winter and for years to come!

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