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Did you know that studies have shown that spending time outdoors has health benefits? All across the country, people understand the value of spending time outside. Create an oasis right in your backyard! Enjoy the great outdoors by simply bringing all the comforts of your home to your patio, deck, or yard. What’s more, having an outdoor living space makes your home feel bigger without significant construction and increases your home’s value. Wondering how to create a perfect outdoor living space? We have some great tips on how to incorporate things like furniture, appliances, grills, lighting and other components all designed for alfresco entertaining and relaxing.


Today’s outdoor furniture is much more durable and resistant to the elements than in the past. Choose from deep-seated wicker, wood, or metal styles with comfy cushions made of sun-resistant fabrics. People are also getting creative with hanging style chairs, benches, and swings. Explore the wide variety of modern updates on the classic hammock. There is also a trend toward plush conversational furniture sets, like sectionals and sofas. Don’t forget to add accessories like rugs, pillows, throws, and lanterns to round out that living-room feel.


As the old saying goes, “Location, location, location.” That adage could not be more accurate than when staging the perfect outdoor living space. Most experts agree the ideal spot is closer to the house, right outside the back door. Therefore food and beverages do not have to travel that far, and there is easy access to the bathroom. It also maximizes fluidity between the indoor and outdoor spaces. However, that does not discount the benefit of a secluded pavilion as a relaxing retreat.


What good is comfy seating if it is in the middle of the mid-day blazing sun? It is hard to enjoy entertaining and relaxing outside with extreme temps. Consider a retractable awning or large umbrella. That way, you will benefit from daytime sun protection, but also be able to enjoy the nighttime starry sky. This coverage also doubles as protection from a light passing shower.


Add homey touches like a fireplace, a fire pit or bowl, or a fire table. These components add a cozy atmosphere all year long, thus serve to enhance the outdoor living experience further. Create memorable evenings spending time laughing and reminiscing with family and friends over a crackling fire.
Choose from wood burning, propane, or natural gas-fueled fire pits and tables. You might never want to head back inside!


An essential element to the perfect outdoor living space is a great kitchen/grill/bar set up. Choose from the many pre-fabricated kits to quickly set up your kitchen area in a matter of days. Consider adding equipment such as a grill, burners, refrigerator, and a bar. Install electrical outlets or run power from inside and you will be grilling and mixing margaritas all season long!


Quality outdoor lighting is a must for enjoying evenings outside. There is a delicate balance between having it too bright or too dim. Aim for that ideal glowing cozy atmosphere. Use decorative LED string lights or hanging lanterns or strategically placed up-lighting.


If you are creating your space under a deck or covered patio this set up may restrict the breeze. Consider installing an outdoor fan on the ceiling or railing. It promotes airflow and can help control insects.

Are you looking to create a perfect outdoor living space? Contact Day or Night Hearth and Home. We can help you design the ideal set up including firepits, grills, and fireplaces . Choose from our extensive catalog of products. The best part? Never worry about installation or construction delays. We can install your pre-fabricated kit components in less than a couple of weeks! Schedule your consultation today.

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