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Has your fireplace seen better days? Every winter do you wish it was in better shape so that you can use it to create a mood or warm up the room? Are you tired of lugging heavy, dirty logs inside during blustery days? Perhaps it is time to consider replacing your fireplace. Maybe you thought it would be too expensive. Or heard it is too messy. Or maybe, you thought the location was all wrong. Here are the top 5 fireplace replacement misconceptions.

Misconception #1 You should wait as long as possible to replace your fireplace.

Fireplaces have significant air gaps. They can send up to 8 percent of valuable furnace-heated air flying out of the chimney, making them inefficient even when not in use. Transforming your firebox into an efficient room heater by adding an insert is easy! Plus, it will pay for itself by slashing monthly heating costs. So, therefore you should replace it the sooner, the better!

Misconception #2 The only reason to replace your fireplace is energy efficiency.

If your home has an older masonry fireplace, you may find that it has started to deteriorate and costly repairs are needed, therefore has become unsafe to use. Installing a fireplace insert is an easy fix. Additionally, you may find that your old, open-air fireplace is a safety concern for your family, especially if you have small children or pets. Even when equipped with a mesh screen, logs can fall and roll out of the fireplace or expels embers. A fireplace insert gives you the beauty and ambiance of a crackling fire without the safety concerns.

Misconception #3 Putting a fireplace in a home after it has been completed is impossible.

Masonry fireplaces must be installed when the house is built, but a direct-vent gas fireplace can be installed in any home, at any time, with minor renovations. You can create a warm, inviting showpiece in the center of your home, no matter the age of your house.

Misconception #4 The construction will be disruptive and take weeks to complete.

While each installation presents unique challenges to your specific home, therefore it is difficult to give an exact estimate of installation time. However, we can tell you that you can expect the installation of a vented gas fireplace insert to take two days, while simpler vent-free units will take less time!

Misconception #5 Any honest renovation company should be able to provide an exact price over the phone.

It is impossible to give an accurate quote without seeing your actual home. We would never presume to offer only a well-educated guess. Sometimes there are unforeseen situations that can also affect the final price. For example, asbestos or other environmental factors may be present. An honest, reputable renovation company will walk you through every possibility while clearly explain pricing in such instances.

Do not let these common fireplace replacement misconceptions stop you from enjoying a cozy fire this winter. Day or Night Plumbing and home and Hearth Services offers a no-pressure in-home consultation where both your family and your home’s needs are assessed. We provide you with a custom solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Enjoy your new fireplace this winter and for years to come!

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