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The weather in the Chesapeake region offers an interesting mix. We may experience balmy days in the middle of January or a hard frost in April. Because winters are generally mild, it is the ideal climate for enjoying the outdoors all year long. Therefore, any time is the perfect time to enjoy a lovely evening at home under the stars. Whether surrounded by friends and family, or a romantic tryst for two, a fire pit is an excellent addition to a relaxing evening. It is a wonderful place to gather and engage in good conversation and escape from technology. But, why mess around with trying to start a fire, when with the click of your remote, you switch on your clean-burning energy efficient gas fire pit. We have some useful tips to enhance your outdoor living space with a custom designed gas fire pit.


Gas fire pits offer an ultimate no-hassle operation, can burn at full capacity in less than 5 seconds, plus be turned off whenever you want. Additionally, the flames are completely adjustable.

You are almost limitless in the design choices. They are available in different heights and styles. And, they are fully customizable giving you a unique product.

With gas fire pits, there are no sparks or hot embers to get caught in the wind. So, there is no mess involved. Plus, they are safer for your family and pets, and will not damage outdoor furniture.

Gas fire pits are versatile and can act as a table when covered up and not in use.

City and county regulations are different for gas fire pits. They may be used in city limits and next to houses where other fuel type fire pits may not be allowed.


Mapping out your perfect yard takes thought and planning, especially when installing a custom designed gas fire pit. Consider the ultimate yard layout is a natural and seamless combination of nature, form, and function. You want to maximize your property, make it inviting, but also easy to maintain. Furthermore, if you have a small yard, gas fire pits may be able to be installed on your deck. Remember, though, before installing the fire pit, check your city and county regulations.


To maximize the ambiance, the last element for consideration of your custom designed gas fire pit is seating. Create a cozy built-in area or a sunken U-shaped bench nestled around the designated fire area. Or perhaps locate the area near the pool and use chaise lounges. Whichever you choose, the result is a relaxing outdoor amenity you will want to use all year long!


Wondering why you need a custom designed gas fire pit? Because it’s not your average fire pit! Create the ideal cozy outdoor area, whether in your back or front yard, on your deck, or by your pool. Contact the experts at Day or Night Home and Hearth. Together we can build the perfect fire pit, and you can create the perfect memories to last a lifetime! Let’s get started today and depending upon your design, in about a week’s time, you could be out enjoying your custom creation!

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